Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Note: 10-11 is NOT 9-11

The afternoon was shattered by sirens. Not just the typical passing siren of an ambulance rushing someone to the East Side hospitals, this was a non-stop parade of sirens that seemed to increase in volume and intensity. Just before 3pm, a small aircraft had slammed into the side of a high-rise building just 17 blocks from here.

As you can see by the photo, it was a horrific accident. But before we were certain that it was just an accident there was that flashback to five years and one month ago when New York City and America were attacked by murderous religious fanatics who wish us all dead.

What did we do? Grabbed our "Go Bags" and placed them by the front door, turned on CNN in hopes of hearing that magical word - ACCIDENT.

The sirens continued to whine with greater intensity.

The blackberry buzzed with business and concern from people who know us.

The weather started turning. A sunny day faded into a cold and rainy afternoon. It was as if the weather was as distressed as the rest of us.

The news nets competed to find answers. Was it a helicopter? A plane? Who was in the apartments that were hit? Was anyone dead? Will the 50 story building crumble like the World Trade Center? It goes on and on... For almost two hours, until we get the news that this was a small plane that had an accident. No terrorism, no plot to use smaller planes and bring down Manhattan and America.

And then again... Even more bad news. NY Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was in the plane... along with a yet unnamed person. Both were dead. Lidle was just 34... a husband, a father, a recent addition to the NY Yankees and possibly at the controls - the second NY Yankee in my lifetime to die in a freak plane crash. (Thurman Munson died while practicing his instrument landings in the summer of 1979.)

We're numb.

We're also relieved this was not terrorism.

An odd cocktail of emotions, and not one I ordered.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just 30 Days Until The General Election - Make Wise Choices

"The public does not know enough to be experts, but it does know enough to decide between them."

That statement underscores the obvious. Most of us are not capable of being experts - but we generally have enough information to select or recognize an expert when we see one.

That truth is vital. In a month you will be called upon to make such a decision. Your vote will select the experts you want to lead this country - to make the laws that we all must follow.

Who should we choose?

Are you able to even participate? Did you bother to register? If not, you have more than likely missed the boat.

If not, shame on you --- and I don't want to hear a peep out of you until you get in the game!

Tomorrow's thought...

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."

Friday, October 06, 2006


Take a good look at the past week.

Bad excuses everywhere you look.

Bad excuses from Mark Foley for his despicable behavior with the Congressional Pages. And don't get me started on his "I think I might be an alcoholic" excuse --- and then checking into rehab for 30 days of "you can't talk to me!!!" The Kennedy Family perfected that one... and they are damn sure not going to let a GOP-on steal it.

More bad excuses...

The news media who had the story MONTHS ago... but sat on it til now. One has to wonder how many young people were preyed upon by the various pigs who roam the halls of Congress?

And it continues... To the point where I may spin myself into the ground.

But none of this is new.

None of it is even interesting really...

it all just smells.