Saturday, September 23, 2006

Do we call him Ooooooh-go or Hugo or You Go...

Amazing week, no?

We sent a little repair crew into space to fix something... while they were there, a couple of bolts were accidentally released in space (one by an American and another by a Canadian)--- endangering everyone on the mission... And then, just as we're about to return home, NASA spots something odd floating around the Shuttle. The landing is delayed until we find out what the UFO might be. Further review IDs the objects as TRASH BAGS! Someone is tossing trash bags into space?

Was it really trash? Or would we be quicker to accept the trash bag story than one that said other life forms were following our Space Shuttle? Make your own decision.

And then there was the UN coming to America.

My town- New York City - was a mess this week. Thanks to the United Nations being in session. Thanks to the UN, we were treated to traffic gridlock usually reserved for holiday shopping season. Pity the poor cabbies who were barely eeking out a living to begin with, this week was a washout for them.

I have several rants about the UN.

1. They are not UNITED on anything. (except getting free stuff in NYC and being able to do whatever they damn well please while here - "diplomatic immunity" my ass!)

2. Some might not fit the definition of a nation.

3. If what they are doing is so important, why do they only meet a couple of times a year?

There is much much more I would love to raise on the topic, but one cannot spend an entire rant on these idiots.

Spinach is still dangerous.

California is burning.

And the movie just released this weekend "Jet Li's Fearless" - will be his final martial arts epic.

Some week indeed. Find the happiness where you can people!


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