Friday, November 24, 2006

Black & Blue Friday

It is the Friday after Thanksgiving 2006... news (or what we accept as news) is filled with stories about people going shopping. That’s the dominant topic of the day. Holiday gift shopping. Can someone please explain this to me? SHOPPING?

Helicopters were dispatched to cover the long lines of people who woke long before dawn to stand in line for the chance to purchase the latest, cheapest, or last available whatever will make their lives better this Christmas.

And as we focus on SHOPPING - half a world away people are blowing themselves up, blowing strangers up, and trying to blow up American troops.

Aside from embarrassment, I’m not quite certain what to think.

At least we’ve stopped talking about OJ’s book or Michael Richard’s racist rant... but we’re not really having an honest debate about the important stuff - are we?

I for one would love for everyone to put down their partisan flags and egos and move towards a respectful discussion of what can realistically be done to solve the problems in the Middle East. The obvious mess in Iraq, the nuclear terrorist state developing in Iran, Israel’s inevitable conflict with it’s neighbors and Afghanistan’s continuing conflict.

I really would love to have that discussion - but there is a midnight madness sale on 50 inch HD-Plasma TVs at Circuit City - the prices are SICK and my friend knows the guy who’s sister is dating the security guard - he’ll put us right up in the front of the line.

More tomorrow - I hope.


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