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Tuesday July 24, 2007

What a battle we have this morning. Two giant stories competing for the title of the "greatest waste of technology" award.

The first nominee - CNN for last night's debate using questions sent via YouTube.
Yes, YouTube is something we all appreciate and wished we had invented. It's a wonderful way for people to reach across the digital divide and get themselves and their ideas seen/heard. And I also realize that we have a problem with apathy concerning the elections -- but adding gimmickry is only going to trivialize it more. A TALKING SNOWMAN ASKING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING? What's next, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer SINGING the questions? (Actually that one might work...)

Part of the reason nobody cares about the 2008 elections has to do with the fact that we've been carping about them and speculating on them and talking about who should win them since the last election totals were verified back in November of 2004!

Too much coverage ... too many debates... The American people are exhausted. For once we would like politicians who campaign on a certain platform, get elected and then spend the majority of their time in office working to accomplish what they promised they would do... Instead what follows each election (especially Presidential elections) is a relentless countdown until the next voting season -- filled with debates, profiles, etc. It is seemingly endless and apparently one of the main reasons why people are so fed up with the process.

Last night's CNN gimmick debate did nothing to advance the process - and in my opinion, it may have set back politics a few paces.

The Second Nominee - China and their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - They have cloned a rabbit!
No matter where you stand on the cloning debate, you must agree on this one. Do we need to clone rabbits? Is there a shortage? Is someone worried that we're going to run out of rabbits in the near future?

Hello China? How about backing off the cloning thing and focusing on making food that doesn't kill people and pets ... and while you are fixing things ... let's stop killing baby girls and oh yeah, pay people a living wage and let the press be free! Cloning rabbits! At least they didn't clone a politician.


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