Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wisdom Without Words

(this blog was meant to be here on Tuesday - it sat in my draft folder, sorry)

As we remember the dads and all of the gifts they give us in this life, I'm reminded that much of my father's wisdom is not always voiced, but given to me in the form of examples.

My dad lives to learn. He has never stopped learning. And because of that, I hope I never stop seeking knowledge.

When I was wrasslin' basic geometry in High School, he was teaching himself how to program a small hand-held HP calculator. Many late nights with the manual and lots of trial and error (there was no calling to the tech support group in India back then). My dad was one of the first people to demonstrate to me that you need to constantly improve and maintain your skills to maintain your position in your chosen profession.

Did he need to be a computer whiz to keep his job? Probably not. But in the early 1970s he recognized that the digital revolution was coming at us full speed and one had better get on board or risk being passed by it - or worse - run over!

There was never a big speech about staying on top of technology... just a front-row seat to see a man who has always worked on bettering himself, and thus preventing obsolescence from setting up camp in his world.

He's still pushing himself today. Learning to deal with the iPods, the wireless networks, and those ever-present cel phones.
Pushing himself and leading those around him. Nice lesson, Big Guy - I got it... thanks.


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