Thursday, May 11, 2006

Midnight In The Garden of Girl Scout Cookies

Savannah Georgia. That's where the vacation arrow landed this Spring and that's where we planted for five days of soaking in history and the "culture" that is the American South.

Savannah is beautiful, quaint and historic if nothing else. It's also the place where most of Forrest Gump was shot and they are so proud of that fact - "Bless their hearts" - it seems that everyone does the "box of chocolates" line and believes theirs is the best impression in town.

Savannah was also home to one of the country's most famous murder mysteries as outlined in John Berendt's best seller "Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil." They made THAT movie here as well but nobody is repeating lines from that one... I doubt anyone here saw it. They didn't need to see it, according to them, they lived it...

Savannah is a place deep with American history - from it's founding as the last British Colony to it's being saved from General Sherman's wrath along his "March To The Sea" during the Civil War. BUT, we live in the time of Brokeback Mountain... so the tragic tale of a gay man who killed his partner and then managed to survive three trials is the big story here... not the birthplace of a modern city... not a turning point in the Civil War... not one of the first big cities to ban slavery and look at every man as equal...

At least they still hold the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Lowe in high esteem - in case you missed that day in history class - she founded the Girl Scouts of America. Think about that, next time you go to order a box of SAVANNAHS!


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