Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Bring the tie AND the jacket, you never know."

Fatherly Wisdom Week continues here on the Stuntbrain Blog - and today has a couple of beauties.

My dad has always preached the gospel of being over-dressed for every situation. Bring a tie, bring a jacket, put a better shirt on over that t-shirt. To a 13yr old this advice may sound irritating and boring - but HE WAS RIGHT!

If you wear a tie and jacket to any event and upon arrival you discover that the gig is casual - all you have to do is lose the tie and jacket and you're in there! BUT if you show up casually attired and everyone else if dressed - you are STUFFED!

Simple - but effective rule - You can always dress down - but once you arrive somewhere, it's pretty damn hard to dress up.

Nugget #2 comes from my father-in-law, John Swajeski, who told his daughter (my bride) "Your ability, is your security." He was teaching his children something powerful and important. In this day of crumbling confidence, it's important to give kids a foundation on which to build. No matter what skill one learns, by growing that skill, you increase your security, and ultimately your value to yourself and your employer.

Get those last minute cards in the mail today people!


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