Friday, April 21, 2006

Doc, I need a prescription for Krispy Kreme!

Today I witnessed what appeared to be a little insanity...

A person at the office thought he was doing something nice. It was Friday and he brought a large box of donuts to the office. In times gone by he would have been afforded a heroes welcome for this act. Not so today. This random act of sweetness was met with scowls, derision and even a little anger by the self-appointed food police! More than one of the people who were meant to receive the goodies actually sought out the donor and chastised him as if he had spread pure tar heroin on Fruit Loops and fed the cereal to school kids!

Demonized for Donuts!

And then the clouds parted and clarity made me see it.

It started with tobacco. About 40 years ago we discovered that tobacco is a real demon. Tobacco in it's various forms was the cause of many illnesses and death, and as such, tobacco was hurting not only our people, but our futures. Tobacco was a drain on the economy... and so we began a campaign to make tobacco illegal. Not a bad thing, but people (read "lawyers" & "zealots") have extrapolated the tobacco theory and started applying it to other "sins" like alcohol and now sugar!

This is not an endorsement for smoking. As a former smoker I understand the dangers of smoking and the benefits of NOT smoking. It's obvious to me that smoking is a bad idea. BUT it's legal to smoke and adults should be allowed to make an informed decision as to what they will do with their lives.

Back to the donut issue. Apparently SUGAR in all it's forms is next on the list of items we will not be allowed to use in public. SUGAR is the cause of our obesity problem. SUGAR is the reason that diabetes is robbing people of their mobility and their vision and their kidneys. SUGAR and the people who make it, market it and package it inside all those horrible products are ruining this country and HOW DARE THEY?

This attack on one of nature's gifts (yes, sugar comes from the ground in a few forms) is yet another example of the idiotic attack on the wrong problem.

Sugar did not make you fat. Sugar did not give you diabetes. Sugar is not the problem - the problem is in the mirror.

Take responsibility for sitting on the couch playing video games when you should be walking around the block.

Take responsibility for having no will power.

Take responsibility for yourself.

(It looks as if I am going to be forced to build that statue in San Francisco Harbor after all... the Statue of Responsibility - to bookend the country. Liberty on one coast and Responsibility on the other. I am working on this project... but at the moment I could use a nice cup of tea and a donut.)


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