Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pamela Anderson's Hot Monkey Love

(If a Google search for "hot monkey love" - "Pamela Anderson" or both of those phrases has brought you here, I suggest you leave now, as this page will only frustrate you more than you currently are.)

There I was, reading the Friday edition of "America's Greatest Daily Newspaper" (the WSJ for you newbies) and staring up at me is a guest editorial by Ms. Pamela Anderson. THE Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson, Sunday School Teacher, Implant Poster Child and now Self-Appointed Global Watchdog.

Ms. Anderson is now pleading with Hollywood to stop using real chimpanzees in ANYTHING and replace them with robots or animatronic apes. She claims that it's different for primates than it is for humans... After all SHE CHOSE HER CAREER-she wanted to be (in)famous. I wonder how many child actors feel the same... pushed into the biz by parents who wished for fame, could not achieve it and then foisted it upon their children?

She cites the off-screen treatment of chimps and her research showing Hollywood's chimps were torn from their mother's arms at an early age. I am immediately reminded of a young Macauley Culkin, plucked from his mother's arms and basically sold to the film industry at an early age... and then, like the chimps, he was kicked to the curb after he was no longer "cute." Hell, even Michael Jackson dropped him.

The arguments made by this home video superstar are not without merit, yet they carry little weight with me.

I'm more apt to listen to the rantings of a respected actress/animal lover like Betty White, than a woman whose last choice for a starring vehicle was on the FOX Network in a TV show called STACKED.


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