Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random. Really Random

Every now and then I have a day with just thoughts and or observations. No major breakthroughs, just a bunch of disconnected statements. Perhaps they will inspire something more.

I read today that the busiest telephone traffic day of the year is Mother's Day. Make that USED TO BE MOTHER'S DAY. The various phone traffic measuring groups now report that American Idol's telephone voting on Tuesday nights has eclipsed the Mother's Day totals. Note to self, call mom... after you vote for Katharine McPhee a few times.

"Flight 93" - the first film to really attempt to tell the story of what happened on 9-11-01, aboard one of the hijacked planes is a powerful film and it is to be released tomorrow. It's going to make people angry and sad and in some cases proud of this country. To all of that I said "GREAT." Fewer than 2000 days have passed since the murderous attack on America. Living and working in NYC makes me all to sensitive about it. But I am not one who wants to make nice with the people who prefer to see us smoldering in a pile of burning bomb remnants. Todd Beamer's father saw the movie... you can too. GO SEE FLIGHT 93... and it's ok to cry or even be very angry.

Gas costs over $3.00 a gallon. Get over it. Skip a latte today, but STOP BLAMING PRESIDENT BUSH OR EXXON. If gas goes up to $4.00 a gallon we can still handle it. each dollar added to a gallon adds 5cents to each mile you drive. You do the math.

We have not increased capacity to pump oil for decades, yet we have increased the number of cars on the streets and the global industrial growth is also straining the supply chain. If we are using more oil than 20 years ago, guess what's gonna happen soon? Class? Everyone say it together - "WE'LL RUN OUT OF OIL IF WE DON'T PUMP MORE OUT OF THE GROUND." (duh)

Perhaps we should also focus on alternatives to fossil fuels. Senator Ted Kennedy says he's all worried about the energy crisis but he's standing in front of the wind farm project off Martha's Vineyard preventing it from getting off the ground.

If we harnessed the hot air coming out of Washington DC from both sides of the aisle, I'm certain that our thermo-energy problems would lessen considerably.


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