Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Papal Condoms? Wait just a minute here.

Today's news sites are all reporting some of the most disturbing/exciting news I have seen in years. Pope Benedict XVI is wrapping up his first year as the guy in the big hat who is supposed to be without error in his thinking (check out the definition of "infallible") and his Vatican Council for Health Pastoral Care is reportedly going to approve the use of condoms by Catholics.

It's always been my thinking that the Church has little or no business in the entire reproductive part of life. The old theory of "If you don't play the game, don't write the rules" applies here. No?

Let's review that breaking news. The Catholic Church is giving the green light to condoms? Sort of. If you read further into the report, condoms will be OK'd for married couples where one of the people has AIDS or HIV. A good plan when you consider that 40million or so people are still infected with AIDS... and we'd like it to stop there.

I suspect there is something more to this. No institution as large as the Catholic Church makes a fundamental change this large without also doing so in order to preserve their status - or just to stay alive. There must be something more to this. The Catholic Church must be invested heavily in latex stocks.

No matter what the real reason this is certainly the opening of a Pandora's Box of sorts. If condoms are ok for married people... why not for singles? And what's next? "Marital aids?"

Today condoms... tomorrow? Vatican vibrators?


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