Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gas Pains, Blame-storming, and HOPE for a better tomorrow

Simple math. For every dollar that is added to the price of gas, it costs YOU an additional 5c per mile that you drive. So... if you were used to 2 dollars a gallon and now you've got 3 dollars per gallon at the pump... The real cost to you is 5 cents per mile. Now simma down and realize a few other items.

Neither W or congress have any real effect on the price of gas.

Since 1975 our ability to refine oil into gas has NOT increased.... wanna bet that consumption has?
There are almost one billion cars on the roads now... and that number ain't dropping.

Since the 70s the world has not increased the ability to pump more oil from the ground... China and India have increased their use of oil by multiples beyond anyone's imagination.


Even a horrible President like Jimmy Carter thought we should drill in Alaska... he proposed tapping into ANWAR. Sadly his wishes have been squelched every Congress since, scared off by the ill-informed "Green Police" - ANWAR would solve a lot of problems. Start drilling.

Oil companies have made huge profits this year and last, but they went decades with razor thin margins... let the free market decide!

And finally, the leader of Qatar said something interesting on Thursday. "If American politicians would just stop talking, the price of oil would drop 20 dollars." I'd love to test his theory for a decade or two.


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