Friday, May 05, 2006

A drunken Kennedy... a car wreck... sounds a little familiar, no?

How many times did I hear a parent, grandparent, nun, or basically anyone older than me utter that phrase "The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree, Does It?" apparently it's the motto on the family crest of the Kennedys.

The insanity surrounding the treatment given to Senator Ted Kennedy's son and his late night traffic incident in Washington DC, further underscores what we've all known for decades. Money + Family name = a different set of rules.

I'm happy for his family that Patrick Kennedy is going to seek treatment for his problem and I hope he can handle these demons and beat them into submission. And then I hope he returns to the halls of Congress and spends his time in the House of Representatives actually REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE and not just hiding out in limited Govt Service until his trust fund or inheritance kicks in.

If Patrick Kennedy works to make the streets safer from people like him, that would be a victory.

If Patrick Kennedy tries to legislate better and more equal police treatment for all people, that would also be a victory.

The best thing we can say about this obvious abuse of the law, hideous cover-up and now cowardly hiding behind the cloak of rehab... is, that unlike his father's accident, nobody died.


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