Monday, February 13, 2006

My Olympic Dreams Are Melting, Thanks NBC

The Olympics are in Torino, Italy or Turin, Italy... somewhere in Northern Italy, but after just three days of competition I’m just about to take a hard left turn into “I don’t care-land.”

The opening ceremonies were the usual flag-waving, three hour pageant and parade of those who have spent the past four years working at Home Depot as they prepare to compete... NBC presented it to us on Friday night, all on tape-delay thanks to the six hour time difference between NYC and Italy. HONESTLY... were they worried that something bizarre might happen and we wouldn’t be handle it?

Memo to NBC - Just show the Olympics LIVE and make people find them! We all need a good excuse to sneak away from work to spy our favorite sports on ice.

Do those pudding-brained executives at NBC really think we’re all avoiding the scores or results in order to gather round the flat-screen at night and watch Jim Lampley and Bob Costas present their canned version of the days’ events???

I challenge you to avoid seeing the results during the day!

Every other network or internet provider is working overtime to spoil NBC’s secrets of who won and who crashed... Don’t believe me? Just log on to your AOL account or Yahoo or Google and see if you can keep your Olympic innocence.

I’d like to stick around and rant a little more, but Hannah’s a few minutes away from leading an American sweep in the half-pipe... Oh, you didn’t know?

My bad.


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