Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mick & Keith's AARP Halftime Show and the future

XL = 40... and a boring night.

Mick Jagger just finished what can only be described as one of the most uncomfortable performances I have ever seen. (And I am a fan of the Rolling Stones... having seen them a half-dozen times since 1975.)

62yr old Mick jagger looks to be feeling his age. His strut is painful, his body just bizarre... although those pole-dancing classes appear to be paying dividends. (yeah)

I just noticed it... and I may not be the first person to make this statement, but I believe that Keith Richards was the inspiration for Kramer on Seinfeld. Look at him again. Forget the Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Carribean" thing - he's Kramer!

For the record, ABC and the Dis-Nazis did censor "Start Me Up" and the second song.

Monday promises much more stupidity and fun.


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