Friday, February 03, 2006

Smell like P. Diddy - Survivor screws up - it's 65 degrees in NYC

P. Diddy, aka Diddy, has decided to release a fragrance and that's good news, for him.

Aside from a few fools who believe they too can live the fabulous life of Sean Combs just by smelling like he does, I cannot for the life of me imagine who will buy this stinkwater. OK, there will be some impulse purchases on the way to bachelor parties, but let's face it, our technology is better served doing the people's business.

Did you see SURVIVOR "Exile Island" last night? This will shock many who know me as a devotee, I did not like it!

The 12th season kicked off and actually LOST to that idiotic Dancing With The Stars in the overnight ratings. I blame the format of four tribes, each consisting of four people... segregated by age and sex... What fool decided to eliminate the sexual tension? What fool wants us to try and recall FOUR tribe names as well the 16 characters??? I was distressed by the new format.

The good news is... CBS realized it and watch for a merge next week.

If the two stories above don't concern you. This one should.

It's Feb 3rd and today's NYC high temp was 65 degrees. 65 degrees!

If that doesn't concern you, perhaps this will. It's a little theory I have been testing over the years. Take the average temperature of the past winter (Dec, Jan & Feb), multiply by 2.5 and that is what your average summer temp will be in June, July, & August. It's been fairly accurate for years. HOWEVER... based on current calculations, we're headed to a summer that will be slightly cooler than a George Foreman Grill. Invest in ice...

Superbowl XL is minutes away... well, two days worth of minutes. Tomorrow we investigate the real possibility that Mick Jagger could die on stage during that halftime show.


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