Sunday, February 12, 2006

1000 Days To Waste... Count'em with me!

Do the math with me, it’s an even 1000 days until we go back to the polls and select the next President of the United States.

Can you believe it? The remainder of this year, all of 2007 and most of 2008... 1000 days and already, each week we’re being bombarded with hours and hours of precious news time speculating on who will be the next occupant of the White House. This concerns me on many levels.

I’ve already accepted the fact that the halls of Congress are filled with hundreds of the most evil people on the planet (and five or six really good ones), but we the voters have to look in the mirror and take credit for creating these monsters. Yes, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TED KENNEDY AND TOM DELAY... the fact that politicians suck is our fault.

Those serving in the Senate & House (with the miniscule exception of the few who were appointed to fill spots due to death, mid-term defections to other jobs, or prison) were voted into office by you and me. If they did not perform as expected and we re-elected them - WHO IS AT FAULT HERE? (”fool me once... shame on you, fool me twice... I’m an idiot who deserves to have his/her taxes raised to pay for ridiculous, ineffective social programs that do nothing.)

And now, 1000 days out from a Presidential election we begin the monitoring, the campaigning, the speculating. What do you think would happen at YOUR job or MY JOB if we spent almost three years trying... wait, CAMPAIGNING to get a better gig??? I can tell you what would happen... you and I would have 999 days to find a new gig without the hassle of getting paid! Our butts would be fired within minutes of our bosses catching wind of of grand plans to upgrade our employment.

Here’s an idea - why don’t those who want to be President prove their worth to us by doing the best work they can, IN THE JOB WE ELECTED THEM TO DO! I know it’s a radical proposition, but it is exactly how I am judged by the people who determine if my next step will be up or down.

So, for the next 1000 days I’m watching Senators Warner, Clinton, and McCain - and anyone else who wants the gig. I will make my decision based upon real work... and maybe, just maybe the Presidential Jeopardy idea I pitched in this very blog about two weeks back.



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