Wednesday, February 08, 2006


For weeks I have made a serious effort to NOT use this blog as an expression of my political opinions... my life is about laughter and love. BUT, the Universe is apparently not that concerned with MY wants or desires.

Yesterday, some fools chose to use the solemn event of Mrs. King's funeral to take shots at President Bush.

These people are my brothers. Fellow Americans... and in one case a President I actually voted for!

To transform the funeral of a great and peaceful woman like Mrs. King into a bully pulpit for partisan political purposes is the lowest act I have witnessed in months, maybe even years.

Trying to throw political paint on President Bush, Jimmy Carter made references to the govt wiretapping of Dr. King and his wife... without telling those listening that it was Robert F. Kennedy who ordered the wire tap! RFK - a member of the Kennedy family and leader of the Democrats! Shame on you Jimmy Carter! I liked you a lot better when you were building houses for the homeless. It is moments like this which remind me of your Presidency... the high unemployment, gas shortages complete with "even-odd" rationing, interest rates over 20%, and the Iranian hostage crisis. Not exactly America's "salad days."

According to the most recent stats on the ecomony we have experienced a HUGE job growth since 2003... which was when the President Bush's Tax Cuts sparked a massive upswing in our economic engine. Almost 5 MILLION jobs have been created...5 million job created in 3 years! And they are higher paying jobs too - by the govt stats - this is not a burger-flipping recovery! Unemployment is under 5%... sitting at 4.7% AND unemployment among Black Americans has dropped from 11.7 to 8.9% - ALMOST 3 full points! Latin-American unemployent has dropped under 6%! Have you heard that from the Bush-Bashers? Nope. The nay-sayers are too busy trying to rally support for a cause that has been losing ground for decades.

But enough about serious topics... Madonna's almost ready to kick off the Grammys. Gotta jet.


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