Saturday, February 11, 2006


As an early adopter I have a warm place in my heart for technology and those who choose to use it to makes their lives and their work more efficient. But cell phones are ruining our lives and making us less productive.

For almost 20 years I have owned and used cell phones, and at this very moment my primary telephone is a cellular phone. However I find that I use it less and less each day. It’s a tool I use to make my world more efficient, not a time filler. The rest of the world appears to be taking a different approach to cell phone use. At present cell phones have become one of the most offensive pieces of technology.

You cannot walk the streets without dodging people who seem to be in a trance as they speak on their handheld phones. AND their conversations are never about anything vital – I know – you can hear every word they say from a block away.

Cell phones were created for emergency situations. And yet, my postman has a cell, the woman next to me on the treadmill has a cell, the woman checking me out at the grocery store has a cell phone – AND THEY ALL USE THEM –ALL THE TIME!

Would you feel comfortable with a surgeon who answered a cell phone as he was operating on you? And what kind of education would your child be receiving from a teacher who takes and places cell phone calls during classes? (What kind of education would the same child be getting if he or she is making calls in those same classes???)

I was trying to buy groceries and get home before the BLIZZARD OF 2006 hits NYC, but the woman scanning my food was busy on her cell phone - AS I WAS TRYING TO CHECK OUT! She was also unhappy about my thoughts on this subject. I tried to call her boss and lodge a complaint, but they told me he was on a call... probably a cell phone call.


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