Monday, February 06, 2006

Once a Month for SNL? Maybe it's a better idea!

So I watched the TIVO version of Saturday Night Live... Steve Martin was hosting, Prince as musical guest and I realized that Lorne Michaels needs to refine his product. This show was terrific! Filled with clever sketches (a few stinkers in there) and many big laughs.

So why does it need to be refined? Why after this week? THIS WEEK IS THE TEMPLATE FOR SUCCESS - It's so simple - there were loads of pre-taped sketches as well as weeks to prepare!

Mr. Michaels, I beg you - forget the 18 or 20 shows you manage to give us from September to May - Just do one a month. Give us twelve great shows and skip the rest. I'd rather tune in once a month and see a show like last Saturday's with Steve Martin than pop in weekly to see if you are in re-runs or worse - attempting to make a lame performer into something they are not and will not ever be - FUNNY.

Saturday Night Live - a monthly special - Somebody get NBC on the phone - this is the stuff that shapes a network!

The other topic du jour. Teen Vogue. Do we really need a magazine called Teen Vogue?

Pre-XL Bowl, I am at the checkout stand, waiting... and the mind wanders to the magazine rack filled with cover stories all claiming to have the latest news about Brad-Angelina-Jennifer-Vince-Tom-Katie and the rest of the "won't work for less than 20 million a picture" crowd... AND WHAT DO I SEE STARING ME IN THE FACE? "TEEN VOGUE"

Vogue is bad enough... ok, I really have no quarter here... no reason to gripe about Vogue's existence. But let's face it. Vogue is here to tell women (and the gay guys who are swallowed up by fashion) what is "In vogue" but how many people can actually afford what is seen on the runways? is it about a fantasy?

TEEN (freakin') VOGUE!

By all means, let's grab the young girls early in life, so we can teach them that rail-thin, beauty-obsessed lives are the only ones worth living.


The idea is as obscene as TEEN PLAYBOY... wait a minute... Stop this right now before someone actually starts a magazine called TEEN PLAYBOY. Sorry I brought up the whole thing.

Waiting in the wings... The Grammys, Valentines Day, and what's really wrong with the U.S. Postal System.


Blogger Norma said...

I think your idea for a monthly SNL "special" is absolutely on target! You should forward that to NBC, seriously. They are capable of some very high-quality stuff, just not enough to fill up 90 min. every week. Good ideas all around here. Nice blog!

8:01 PM  

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