Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Prince song, Idol in Vegas, & State of the Union

Prince is back! (just not all the way back)

The little fella is slated to appear on this weekend's SNL as musical guest (Steve Martin is hosting to hype the new Pink Panther movie). Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of hearing his new song "Black Sweat" and can honestly say that is like nothing else out there. There are flashes of brilliance and Princely music genius, but nothing you will hear on the radio... And then there is the chorus "I'm working up a black sweat" and the line "when I count to three you will scream like a white lady." I wonder what the Sharpton reaction would be if Kid Rock sang the song and flipped the races???

I'm not going to jump on the idiotic merry-go-round and tear apart last night's State of the Union... Although I do think there is a market for a Hillary Clinton Bobblehead Doll!

Yesterday I promised to reveal the changes needed to help us select the best candidates for the President and Vice President of this great country... I know Karl Rove is reading this... so Karl, "you're welcome!"

After suffering through last elections constant bickering over who's smarter... (For the record, Bush had better grades than J.F. Kerry, so stop calling him stupid. The truth only makes YOU look dumb.)

So let's find a candidate who is the smartest... someone who can think on his/her feet and stay cool under pressure. Everyone who wants to the job should be placed into a massive Jeopardy Round-Robin Tournament.


My plan does more than eliminate the mindless and endless primary system which really serves no one. It creates a genuine forum for us to see the candidates without the benefit of spin doctors or covered in the slime from attack ads.

Presidential Jeopardy also allows us to see the candidates answer a slews of questions on a broad variety of topics... World Leaders, The Environment, Economy, etc.

So how does it work? Very simply.

The Democrats have a tourney over the course of two weeks, then GOP does the same, and even an independent week... in case there are any candidates! We boil it down to teams of two... from each group.

The second smartest from each party would be the VP candidate... they play the first round of regular Jeopardy.

The smartest from each party would play Double Jeopardy!

Final Jeopardy would be a question answered by BOTH as a team!

Alex Trebek - names the President! (Now that Alex is an American citizen, I feel comfortable about this.)


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