Thursday, February 02, 2006

Weather Rodents? Paris gets too much Press? Assorted Insanity.

Blame the Germans. Yes the Germans. The entire idiotic concept of Groundhog Day is the fault of the same people who gave us the Porsche and the Benz, and some pretty cool appliances! Go figure. It just proves that old adage, there is not a pearl inside every oyster!

A bunch of superstitious Kraut farmers created this annual ritual of watching a rodent emerge from it's winter rest looking for a shadow as a sign of winter's intent to continue or not. Yeah, that all makes perfect sense to me. Consider the fact that it all takes place in a town called "Gobbler's Knob" is just too ripe for comment on this board. (hey, my parents read this occasionally.)

Ps. Phil (the rodent) is correct in his predictions a blistering 28%. Your average weatherman? 31%. (The noise you're hearing is probably Al Roker exhaling... or panting at the thought of clubbing, cooking and eating a groundhog.)


Bogart did not know how right he was in Casablanca when his character of Rick told Ilsa "We'll always have Paris."

Apparently he meant Paris Hilton. Today's papers give us the great news that Paris fired her PR person because (get this) she was not generating enough press for Ms. Hilton! Have we all fallen into a gigantic pit of insanity? SHE FIRED THE PRESS PERSON BECAUSE PARIS WAS NOT SEEING HER NAME OR FACE OR OTHER OVERLYTANNED BODY PARTS IN THE PAPERS OFTEN ENOUGH?

The biggest joke in all of this is probably the reality that the PR person convinced Paris to fire her and say that it was because she was not getting enough press... Genius. Sheer genius, or "that's hot."

New Orleans took another shot today. A massive, pre-dawn storm rolled through town ripping off roofs and even collapsing some of the buildings still standing in Katrina's wake. That city's Mayor... Ray Nagin made a statement a few weeks ago about "God being mad at America and New Orleans." And then he went on to talk about his hopes that NOLA will once again be a "chocolate city."

I'm not so certain of God's specific anger against America or NOLA... but it seems to me that God is wanting New Orleans to become more of a "chocolate swirl."

Tomorrow. Wear red. Please.


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