Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blizzard on Sunday, SPF 16 Needed on Wednesday

The above photo was snapped on Sunday afternoon. My neighbor was busy digging out his car (or what he hoped was his car) when I walked past and made a pithy comment about checking the plate before continuing. He snapped a quick reply, but then did brush off the front plate a few seconds later, just to be certain.

Today... Wednesday... just 72 hours after the storm that broke all records for one-day snowfall in NYC (26.9 inches in 24 hours) we hit 52 degrees and the city became one massive puddle.

Sunday the temps are headed south again... it's going to drop into the 20s.

Warm - cold - warm - cold... add in some snow and then salt - this is one gigantic petri dish begging to incubate some sort of superflu. Does anyone else sense an impending thinning of the herd?

I'm off to the drug store to load up on Airborne and Echinacea.


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