Monday, April 17, 2006

The Great Wal-Mart of China? It's happened.

For the past few years I have been very nervous about China. CHINA is huge. 1.3 BILLION people. BILLION with a B. That is a bunch of people. If the planet has a population of six billion, then basically one of every five people you meet is Chinese. (And that does not count the Chinese people living in Taiwan or other countries.)

Forget the alleged sleeping tiger that is the EU, the real concern in terms of Global Financial Domination is CHINA!

For decades China has quietly watched us... their leaders plotting a non-military takeover based on crushing our economy from thousands of miles away.

Think about it, China has: No labor policy. No basic protection of workers. No decent wages. Just a gigantic machine kicking out cheap goods that are shipped here to compete with American products, American companies, AMERICAN JOBS!

But we love global competition, NO? YES, we love FAIR competition, something China does not practice. And don't get me started on China's human rights policy failures/abuses.

So here's the USA Today version of the story. China makes stuff on the cheap, using sweat-shop labor in cities that don't care about polluting the environment or the harming people who live there. It sells here in the USA and all the monies end up back in China, in the hands of the GOVT.

Does that sound like a good plan? It does if you are the Chinese Govt. But it sounds horrible of you are a citizen working for peanuts or an American who is facing a dim future at the hands of people who don't believe in free speech, a free press, or any basic right we take for granted.

I'm very pro-American. My car is a Chrysler, I try to patronize American companies wherever possible. And I think you should too.

One American company which is not helping (IMHO) is WalMart. They buy BILLIONS of dollars in Chinese made goods and sell them here in the USofA. This lines the pockets of the WalMart execs, the Chinese companies/Govt all the while tearing the heart and soul our of small town America with their superstores. I know what you're saying... "I like my walMart low prices." I'm sure you do... but what is the real cost of those good? The end of small town America and the manufacturing jobs that came with those towns?

You all know the right answer. We should not be trading partners with people who don't play fair. That may be the RIGHT answer, but it's not the answer that America is going to give itself. And then fate stepped in.

Just last week WalMart opened in China.

Check that out. Wal Mart has opened in China!

Shouldn't that really be called The Great Wal-Mart of China? A store so big that it can be seen from Space!

If Wal-Mart catches on in China, (and why won't it?) Then, in a few short years, the Chinese people would find themselves in our shoes... literally - we'll be the sweat-shop labor country that makes cheap shoes for the Chinese people.


I gotta go, my Chinese food delivery is finally here. More tomorrow. God Bless America.


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