Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gas Pains. . . we all have them, but why?

Filling up the tank this morning was painful.

$54.49 to get the old Chrysler (Buy American) loaded up. My head did the math - if gas keeps going higher - it's going to be a difficult year for me and many others.

The ripple effect of a spike in fuel costs will start changing everything we do.

Vacations will be shortened.

Air fares will have to be raised to keep airlines from going under.

Food prices must rise as the cost of getting food to the stores will now increase too.

Who's at fault here? Who did this to us? Why are we paying so much more than we did a year ago?

The Blamestorming is going to kick into high gear as the Dems will use the gas prices to demonize the Administration. Meanwhile over in the GOP Cave the spinmeisters will say we need to drill in Alaska and kick start our own supplies.

My prediction: nothing gets done.

I don't know how Bush is responsible for gas prices. OK, the war ain't helping... but there is a virtual perfect storm of international economic factors (Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and China --- Three OPEC members all in dangerous situations and a massive country that is now waking up and learning what burning oil can do for it's people) combined with our complete lack of domestic production and refining that is causing the run up in the base cost of a barrel of oil.

But we're here. Oil is 72 dollars a barrel and probably going higher. So what's the answer? The answer IMHO is we need more than one answer.

1.) How about producing more oil here? We have it in Alaska - and Jimmy Carter wanted us to go there and get it. JIMMY CARTER - a Democrat. Was he wrong?

2.) Let's focus on refining more oil! We lost a massive amount of production due to storms and just a complete lack of forward thinking.

3.) More and better fuel efficient cars! For years there has been no incentive to improve the mileage of our cars or push for alternative fuels. The time is obviously NOW.

It's about solutions. Solving problems. If you are not offering solutions, you are just getting in the way.


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