Saturday, April 01, 2006


Just finished reading an article about the Las Vegas EMS announcing their purchase of new ambulances capable of helping those morbidly obese get to medical services in a hurry. The folks in charge of the EMS announced that (at a substantial cost) they have added a significant number of "Bariatric" ambulances to their fleet.

I am happy that plus-sized people needing help can get the same type of services that everyone is able to receive, but another problem is being swept under the carpet.

Bariatrics - for those not hip to the latest terms in the medical community. Bariatric Medicine is the specialization dealing with the problems of the overweight. The health problems.

There are studies and articles which claim 2/3rds of us are overweight... and in Las Vegas they are estimating that 21% of their citizens are MORBIDLY OBESE. Must be all those free buffets at the casinos... but I digress.

We have a problem. We're getting fat and all anyone can do about it is to build bigger excuse supporting machines! Instead of fixing the problem, we endorse it!

We've already seen a boom in businesses that cater to the areas that support obesity - clothing, power-chairs and even HUGE caskets... and why not? Fat people have to die too... and sooner than that skinny person who always appears to be staring at you when you bite into a Krispy Kreme donut. It seems to be a classic case of supply & demand. But should we reward this kind of behavior? I say no!

There are many among the obese who cannot change. We accept that. But there are those of us who can and should make a serious effort to alter our lives and habits in order to become less of what we are... and in turn, we will help the nation be stronger.

A slimmer America means better days for all of us. Even by losing 5 or 10 pounds you'll help.

A smaller you means less stress on the health care system and insurance costs will be reduced.

A slimmer you means a healthier you. More productive you. A better American economy, raises, bonuses, prosperity!

A skinnier you (even slightly skinnier) means you'll live longer. Anyone need an explanation?

Less you will actually save the environment. Fewer Fat Ambulances on the streets means less consumption of oil.

So you see... if we'd all just take a moment between sips of our caramel macchiado mocha frappucinos to consider losing a few pounds, America can be great again. Perhaps it needs an incentive.

Mr. President... how about a tax break for people who stay healthy and don't suck the system dry!


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