Tuesday, March 07, 2006

America... we'll pay by the pound, thank you.

Today's papers were all awash in stories about the dismal future facing the youth of America. According to the latest medical study, by the year 2010, more than 50% of the American Youth will be OBESE. Check that stat... in less than four years, over half of the kids in this country will be FAT... OBESE... officially UNHEALTHY and a burden to not just their families, but our economy.

We all understand the implications of this realization. Aside from the problems that the children face - the taunting and the abuse they will experience from their peer groups - obese children are time bombs. They are ticking time bombs that will ultimately explode and destroy their lives as well as drag the economy into a rut.

The economy has enough challenges with caring for the elderly who cannot contribute to the system any longer. Factor into that equation a population of youth, more than half of whom are overweight and we've got a real problem.

SOLUTION? Of course!

Let's incentivize health and healthy lifestyles.

If you smoke... you pay more into every health care system because you arew going to use more of it.

If you weigh more than 110% of the suggested healthy weight for a person of your weight/age/height - you pay more into the system because you are going to use more of it.

And let's put that same theory into play in all aspects of the economy.

Give the kids a free pass until they hit 18 and are of their majority. Once a person hits 18, they pay by the pound for everything. A ticket on a plane... per pound. You pay for what you use!

I guarantee that we would use less and really - only what we need to use.

This system will help people get healthy and use less of EVERYTHING!

The benefits are MASSIVE. Healthier Americans means a healthier economy... more productive workers... more profitable companies... Are you with me?


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