Thursday, March 09, 2006

Proof of Life on Other Planets!!!

Nasa leaked the big news... They're going to pull back the curtains on a major discovery. We hear that NASA has scientific proof that life exists on other planets. Big Effing Deal.

The budget crunch is on and these brainiacs are busy turning up the heat in the Justification Department in order to keep their billion-dollar entitlements and cushy long-term careers that bring hope to all nerds and space junkies who believe that we are a better country if we can kick everyone's butt when it comes to Space Exploration... but I digress.

So the NAS-Holes have come up with some validation for their gigs... and it's called life on other planets. But I already knew that there was life on other planets, decades ago... and all you have to do is look at a map. And a really old map if you want to fully grasp this concept.

Life on other planets is easily proved by the maps that we had long before man discovered aerial photography, satellite imaging or even thought of looking down from a mountain to draw the land below him. There is just no way possible that even a small fraction of the maps we seen from the time of Christ to present day could have been drawn by anyone human... Those maps were made by someone with a space craft who could hover over Earth and sketch out the details...

I've been thinking that Amerigo Vespuci may have been an alien. It was this talented cartographer who convinced Colombus to sail off the edge of the Earth to find a new land... And he was "so certain it was there".

Life on other planets? Nasa gets a big DUH on this one... They (the visitors) have been here for years, centuries. All we had to do was look at the map to find them.


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