Sunday, March 05, 2006

Donor 401 may be the father of Michael Jackon's Children!


After further review of the facts surrounding the just-bubbling Donor 401 story and the latest news/smarmy tales coming from the bizarro Jackson family, I think I'm on to something.

(For those who did not read the last few days blogs or missed the Today Show on Thursday... Donor 401 is the anonymous sperm donor whose seed has become so popular among women wanting a child sans father, that his story could unseat the Port Deal of Cheney Shootings in our news machines.)

So I believe that DONOR 401 is the father of Michael Jackson's first two children! And the only one who can tell us is Debbie Rowe (She's not speaking so she can continue to collect whatever hush money Michael is allowed to ship out of Dubai.)

Let's review the FACTS. Michael Jackson is (underneath the makeup, plastic surgery and skin bleaching) a black man. The mother of his first two (allegedly Jackson fathered) children is Debbie Rowe, a white woman, and the kids are as Nordic looking as Austrian Olympic Cross-Country Ski Team. Dare I call them ARYAN?

Now let's review what we know about DONOR 401. 6ft-4in tall, athletic, and GERMAN!

One look at the kids and we must accept the truth that they are not Michael Jackson's biological children... so there is a real possibility that Debbie Rowe did what many other woman have done - selected DONOR 401.

Michael Jackson does have another child from another woman and another donor... oddly enough this was the baby he dangled over the edge of the hotel balcony IN BERLIN GERMANY!!! (Was he bringing his children to visit their Fatherland?)

As the Donor 401 story continues to unfold, I will be here covering it all, or uncovering it all for you. And gently reminding you that Donor401 clothing is available online at


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