Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Joan Rivers Achieves Critical Mass!

Today it was announced that Joan Rivers is looking for love on the Internet.

Yes, Joan Rivers. THAT Joan Rivers... plastic surgery addict, Botox victim, jewelry saleswoman, shameless promoter of her (not-so-talented) daughter, former comedian and now Jocelyn Wildenstein Stunt-Double has decided that she wants love.

The 72yr old Joan posted a profile with help from her assistant. I wonder if he's also going on the dates with suitable suitors?
Of course she's not doing this because she struck out on J-Date or because the spots with Doctor Phil had such an impact on her... She's doing it because the good people at Match.Com are paying her a ton of money to look for love online.

Sad. Very sad.

No, go look her up and let's all bombard Joan's profile with inquiries!


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