Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where your gas money goes!

Did you every wonder where your money goes when you buy a gallon of gas? Most of us assume that we are paying for the yacht of some Texas Oil Man... and we may be, but it goes a lot farther than Texas. Since a majority of our oil comes from overseas, it follows that a majority of our money is headed there as well.

Let's visit the home of one of the oil barons of the Middle East. Skeikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - he's part of the United Arab Republic and runs the city of Abu Dhabi.

This is his HOUSE...

Nice crib... you and I paid for it, but we're probably not welcome there.

We could do something about it. We could keep some of the oil money here, but that would require a little drilling in Alaska. The idea was first pitched by President Jimmy Carter and it sounded like a good deal when he gave it to us... but now it's a bad idea? I don't understand.

This is a bedroom in the Sultan's place. If we drilled in the ANWAR province in Alaska - this guy would need to rent out his place for timeshares... and the view is nice - look.

Consider working on making America less dependent on foreign oil. We must have a two pronged attack - focus on alternative energy and the oil below our own ground!

Carry on! Think globally - Act Locally!


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