Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday - Good Idea!

As we read almost daily, churches are not doing the kind of land-office business that they did in days of old when people would tithe 10% of their income to supporting their faith. The problem is not a simple one as there are many causes - sex scandals, crooks, and diminished interest in institutions that don't change as quickly as the popular beliefs.

Religion is important to many people and I for one would like to see churches, temples and synagogues doing well. So I have a few ideas. Merchandising, Naming Rights, and SkyBox revenues.

The naming rights thing is a MUST-DO, and I don't know why they haven't cashed in on this one - can't you see it? The Verizon Wireless - St Patrick's Cathedral. Or St. Martin's Press and High School?

The sky boxes in the churches could provide a massive infusion of money. Instead of buying a stained glass window, we'd like see rings of private family or company boxes in the churches (this is also a great place for babies to be crying). The skyboxes would have flat-screen tvs giving closed circuit tv coverage of the Mass and private delivery of wine and wafers.

And finally the Catholics have a pretty decent handle on this one already... the rosary beads, holy water, etc. But they could use a few updates- we need some new products and I'm not talking Cardinal Trading Cards... Learn from the rappers... CLOTHING & SHOES make big money. T-shirts with Saints on them... and the shoes? Can't you see the Vatican's line of CROSS TRAINERS??? How about tie-ing with APPLE and putting out a Papal iPod? You can download all the great hymns and papal addresses, there could even be a weekly mass to download on video!


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