Monday, April 10, 2006

My Favorite City In Minnesota is Paul... just PAUL.

Where in the amazing document we call the U.S. Constitution does it outline the "separation of church and state?"

Can someone point that out to me? I understand the need to protect religious freedom. That was a key plank in the platform of this great country. Religious freedom. Worship who you want, what you want, when you want... But there is nothing about preventing religious symbols from being show in courthouses or on government properties.

It seems as if some overzealous lawyer (redundant?) made an argument stick and convinced someone to agree with him that a creche on government property is tantamount to endorsement of that religion... hence the current climate of attacking anything remotely attached to Christianity.

The latest and most confusing attack comes out of St. Paul, Minnesota where the Easter Bunny has been banned from City Hall as well as a few malls.

The !?#&#@?? Easter Bunny?

Nowhere in my Bible is a mention of an Easter Bunny.

If memory serves me correctly (and it usually does), the Easter Bunny harkens back to our pagan days... a throwback if you will, but certainly not a religious symbol.

So what gives? A city is allowed to be associated with religion by it's very name SAINT PAUL, Minnesota... but the Easter Bunny is them causing problems?

If the Peter Cottontail is a threat to religious freedom, then the entire city of SAINT PAUL is a frontal assault on America and we must marshall as much effort as possible to change the name... right after we fix the money "In God We Trust" - the courthouses, the public schools, and the Pledge of Allegiance...

I wonder what the people in Paul, Minnesota are friendly?


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