Wednesday, April 12, 2006

11th and maybe a 12th Commandment?

ABC TV dropped it on us this week... a new mini-series of the classic Easter - Passover Season chestnut - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS - Unlike 1956's CB DeMille epic starring Yul Brenner, Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price and Charlton Heston's classic turn on Moses - this one was star-packed (sort of) with Omar Sharif.

If you missed it, wise move.

I did not watch it either - but I am fascinated by the 10 Commandments. So I started asking people, random strangers on the street if they knew the 10 Commandments - most knew SOME, but over half of them did not know ALL of the 10 simple rules that God dropped on Moses via burning bush in the desert.

ANNNNNNNNNNNND that got me thinking even more - why haven't we added a new Commandment in the past couple thousand years? The various state constitutions get amendments every year, but the 10 Commandments don't change? Come on! So I started asking people what we should add to the original 10 "Thou shalt (not)...'

One of my sisters had some great suggestions.

Ev says - "Thou shalt not spit." AND "Thou shalt not leave long, annoying messages on voice mail." AND (yes, Ev has issues) "Thou shalt not forward stupid emails to everyone you know."

Roger and Shelly from Texas just wanted a simple "Be Nice" added to the #11 spot.

I'm more interested in some positive motivation like "Thou shalt take responsibility for your actions."

Now what do you think? Please send YOUR Commandment asap... Please don't send it via burning bush, email will suffice.


Blogger RudeKarl said...

To go along with the whole "Thou shalt not spit" Commandment, I'd like to make the punishment death for hocking up some nastiness and hurling it into the urinal next to me while I'm attempting to take a leak. I can't picture women walking into a stall and snorting back a load of snot and hurling into the toilet, but men apparently have to clear out this passage every time they take a leak. I feel sorry for the immigrant that has to shovel this nonsense from the porcelyn.

By the way - is this the same Stuntbrain who works in radio? My brother in FLA says hello.

9:51 PM  
Blogger RudeKarl said...

by the way, I hate misspelling porcelain.

9:54 PM  

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