Thursday, April 06, 2006


This country welcomes immigrants - but there are a few rules.

Perhaps you want to be an investor in this country - Ok, Investors - You are welcome if you are willing to invest your capital in this country. You investment can be directed at industry or services, and must equal a minimum of 40,000 times the minimum daily wage.

Maybe you want to retire in this country. - If you are over 50 years of age, and want to engage in "non remunerative activities" and you are receiving funds from abroad (from a pension or other investments or fixed income) at least to the value of 400 times the daily minimum daily wage per month and a further 200 times daily minimum wage per month for each dependent (e.g. spouse, children) then you can apply for a Retiree Immigration Permit.

What if you just want to immigrate here to this country to work? You had better be a professional and be able to prove it! If you are a qualified professional, you can have your certificates validated by the Consulate and apply for an immigration permit. You must be sponsored by a company who must satisfy the authorities that you are essential to their operative requirements.

How about owning property in this country? Did you know that only NATIVE Born individuals are allowed to own waterfront property in this country?

If you want to buy land in this country and are not a citizen, you have to prove that you have the money to do so. Your assets must prove that you can equal a minimum of 40,000 times the minimum daily wage.

If you come to this country without the correct permits you will not receive welfare or other goodies. You will not be trained in two different languages.

If you come to this country and refuse to learn the native tongue, you will be in trouble.

You are not allowed to display flags of other nations in this country!

You better be legal or you will be locked up in this country.

THIS country is MEXICO. Surprised?


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