Sunday, February 26, 2006


Don't even think about stealing this idea. (it's copyrighted and registered with the Writer's Guild of America)

I know there's a baby boom here in NYC, but there is also a GIANT STROLLER BOOM which should have all of us concerned.

After spending countless hours dodging the massive strollers now hogging the pavement on Manhattan's sidewalks, I have surrendered... I am defeated.

Please. Go ahead, parade your miracle offspring around the city in giant prams driven by nannies with exotic accents. Block the aisles in the already cramped Manhattan supermarkets with Kenworth-sized baby carriages. Clog the entrances and exits to all things once thought easily accessible with your sidewalk Hummers. I can spot a trend spiraling out of control as easily as the next marketing genius... And I intend to make a small, wait... A very large fortune on this one.

The sweat shops in China are already abuzz with the preliminary plans for all types of stroller add-ons.

Land Rover will be the first stop for my cross-platform pitch. The "Sidewalk Rover" will be a transformer-type of device... When you arrive to pick up nanny & child at the mall, simply lift the seat out of the pram and buckle it into your massive Land Rover. VOILA! A car seat! The carriage folds and stows in the back section of the Land Rover... right next to the three week supply of emergency food and water under the third row seat... where your child care provider sits.

We also have plans to manufacture and develop

Chrome "spinners" for the young Federline-Spears fans...

Sirius and XM will "want in" on this bonanza as well... We must develop a stroller satellite radio hookup and a show to support it!

Don't forget our friend at APPLE --- with their iPod Nano - check that - iPod Nanny - pockets for all of the baby cruisers.

There will be local Stroller Shows - bigger than custom car shows - full of competitions and awards. Searches for classic strollers to be made over and "pimped" into insane 2006 sidewalk sleds.

Of course it all comes together on a celebrity-mom hosted weekly show called "Pimp My Pram". (hopefully seen on Oxygen or one of those other women's networks)

Are you people with me?


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