Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WHO IS DONOR 401? (I think I know him)

This is the craziest story of the year, so far.

The following is a small excerpt from the NY Post ( from a column written by Todd Venezia.

"A group of 11 bold, independent women from around the country have recently met online and forged this new kind of relationship after discovering their children were sired by the same donor from a Virginia fertility clinic: known only as donor 401."

You get the picture?

A man who works in Washington, DC and has been officially designated as "Donor 401" has fathered at least 11 children with women all around the country. He is a regular depositor at the Fairfax Cryobank sperm bank outside of DC. and apparently his genetic cocktail is as popular as cosmopolitans among the single-women-desiring-to become-mommies. And now the moms are getting together.

Two thoughts crossed my mind when I read this story.

#1. I need to register right away and start designing clever t-shirts and hats ASAP (done, please shop).


#2. Oprah is probably rounding up all 11 for a special sweeps week two-show special with a Dr. Phil crossover!

Then I started thinking... why this guy? What makes 401 so popular? What's he got that 402 or 400 don't have? Fertility clinics do not reveal identities, but they do allow their buyers to scan a small bio. Mr. 401 has the following on his "standard equipment" list: 6-foot-4 and athletic, a master's degree and is of German heritage.

But wait, there's more! On the "Essay Portion" of his chart, 401 adds that his own mother is "a ray of light." One of the mommies says she picked him based on that line... her words, not mine "such a nice guy."

Like you, I started playing the "Who is Donor 401?" game. Think about everyone you know who works in DC... is 6-4 and has a Masters Degree... (Insert Clinton joke here - he could be lying about the German part.)

I'm fairly certain that a few scripts are already in development for "Law & Order", but that will take weeks - if you just can't wait that long... visit the website, buy a shirt, a hat, or both and wear them in public. If 401 happens to see you, he might step up and introduce himself in time for Father's Day.


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