Monday, February 20, 2006

Too Many Awards... Too Little Time. . .

Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, People's Choice, American Music Awards, Sundance, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild, Directors Guild, BAFTA, and on and on and on. There is even an Emmy Award for the best Awards Show!!!

We need an Awards Show intervention in America! Lock the doors, unplug the TVs and let's have a frank discussion about America's addiction to handing out statues honoring the best of ANYTHING.

It seems as if you cannot swing a cat without hitting a celebrity who is either en route or just coming home from an awards ceremony. (Someone alert the PETA people that my use of the expression "swing a cat" is just that, an expression.)

ENOUGH ALREADY! If we removed all the awards insanity, we would all have a significant amount of time available to actually create entertainment that people would enjoy.

I realize that killing the entire Awards Show business would also kill the "Goodie Bag" business... the insane practice of gifting those who win/hand out the awards with bags filled with free stuff. And isn't it amazing that people who earn millions of dollars a year are so crazed to be given a bag full of stuff they could easily afford to purchase?

I also realize that killing the Awards shows would put Joan & Melissa Rivers on unemployment, but wouldn't we all pitch in a few extra dollars to make that happen?

There are risks involved with making these brave moves. And they won't please everyone. As I said before, something would have to fill those hours... yet when last I checked, there were hundreds of unused TV pilots that never get a shot. Pick 20 of them these pilots and replace the Awards shows and endless red carpet preshows. I'll bet half of these shows are better than what NBC passed as comedy with JOEY?

So let's be brave, lose the awards shows. Just stick a fork in them... and move on.

BTW, if you are voting for Best Blog... I appreciate all those who appreciate great writing.


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