Friday, February 17, 2006

Powerball, MegaMillions... yeah, I'm in.

Tonite and tomorrow we'll have a couple of drawings for over half a BILLION dollars. And despite the odds, I'm in.

NY's Lottery is part of a multi-state event called MegaMillions and tonite's drawing is worth 145 million (pre-tax, annuity) dollars. And then, on Saturday night the 27 state Powerball numbers will roll with a 365 million dollar payday awaiting.

We did the office pool thing for the past two weeks... a total of 300 dollars invested with a return (so far) of 38 dollars. I rationalize that with the fact that the monies are going to support the school systems... as well as the third world countries where the ultimate winners and their families reside. But I digress.

Just in case this is my final post (if we win, you'll not hear from me again), I want to thank all of the loyal readers (mostly family members) of this blog. Your smiles are the reason I persist.



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