Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whitney Houston is a C.I.A Operative!!! (maybe)

New Address for these two... Splitsville.

Ok, you've read the late-breaking news saying that Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown.

Yes we feel bad for little Bobby Christina...

And parts of me even feel bad for Bobby & Whitney (in that order).

But there is more here, much more than meets the eye.

Wasn't it just a month ago that we learned from Osama Bin Laden's escaped concubine Kola Boof claims that Osama had a "thing" for Whitney?

Ms. Boof (now working or trying to work as a writer) claims that her former keeper/pimp was totally smitten with Whitney Houston and would even consider breaking his "color rule" to include the singer in his stable of women. (so much comedy there I cannot stop or I will never get back on track and to my point)

Bin Laden had (allegedly) made plans or considered hurting Bobby Brown to get to Whitney... but now he does not have to lift a finger.

News of Whitney's filing for divorce must have made it to the caves of Tora Bora by now and Osama is probably dancing with anticipation. The path is cleared, his princess awaits!

I believe this is part of an amazing Government plan to catch and kill Bin Laden AND rehab Whitney's sagging career in one sweet move.

Forget "The Bodyguard" --- Whitney's undercover work will no doubt be re-created on film... but this time I think we ought to let Halle Berry play the lead... although Kostner as Bin Laden just might work.


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