Friday, July 28, 2006

Insanity Rules The Day and I have proof!

If you've ever gotten to the end of a week and wondered "what just happened?" You are not alone.

I am just about spun out.

For the past two weeks we have watched the Middle East melt down into what can only be a considered a prelude to WW4 (WW3 is currently underway for those not paying attention.)

The fact that sane people are discussing a cease-fire with a terrorist group is just stupid. The group calling themselves Hezbollah is not an officially recognized part of the Lebanese govt - yet they have been allowed to attack Israel... They have been allowed to set up camp in Lebanon and fire at will or kidnap Israeli soldiers. All funded by Iran and Syria. What a shocker. Two rogue nationals who have vowed to wipe the Jews off the planet are financing the terrorist group attacking Israel.

But all of that serious talk means nothing when you realize that a website exists dedicated to cats that look like Hitler.

That's the site. Cats that look like Adolf Hitler! The page has over 200 cat photos on it!

Here is the one they believe to be the most Hitler-like kitty.

I give up.


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