Sunday, September 03, 2006

Summer's Last Gasp - and a little disaster advice

The thinking business is booming. At least that's what I'm told. So, apparently happy days are ahead for all of the spare brains here at Stuntbrain central. (That's just a little plug for me. Visit the website, we're happy to think for you.)

This weekend marks the unofficial end to the Summer season. (For those keeping score, Summer officially wraps up on September 23rd.) We all know that Labor Day weekend means an end to white pants and open-toed shoes... and hopefully the worries about hurricanes and high gas prices.

This week the big brains in DC told us that by Thanksgiving gas prices might be closer to $2.00 than $3.00. Can this be true? Filling up the tank might not require a co-signer! That last minute loaf of bread or gallon of milk is no longer a waste of valuable petrol? Hazaaa! The salad days return! And oddly enough, just in time for the election season. Nothing is lost on the Stuntbrains.

Hurricane Season is another subject... Combine that with the 5th Anniversary of 9-11 and the murderous attacks on America and our way of thinking... and I MUST weigh in on the topic of survival and preparedness.

Even if you are not in a hurricane prone zone - I think it wise that you have a "grab n go" bag ready in case the next storm, blackout, attack or assorted evil decends upon us. Think about it. You have car insurance, health insurance (hopefully) and home owners insurance --- but do you have a "grab n go" bag in your front hall closet or car trunk?

For less than what you spend on a couple of concert tickets you can have a backpack filled with peace of mind... (NO, I do not have an interest in this company.) I suggest you visit the website of Saratoga Trading Company. They have nice simple offerings for the least to the most paranoid among us.

I'd like to chat more, but my rain barrels need rotating.

Happy Labor Day!


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