Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You Could Indict A Ham Sandwich or Barry Bonds

Wednesday and I am full of topics and short on time. (No shock here.)

Happy Birthday to my youngest brother, Christopher John. You still have much to accomplish and all the skills to do it, with your eyes closed. I wish I had 1/10th of your natural computer skills.

Barry Bonds, the baseball player who has eclipsed Babe Ruth's home run record and is closing in on Hank Aaron's total, is reportedly facing an indictment any minute now. Barry Bonds who has defied the conventional wisdom and continued to be productive long after his peers have seen their careers on the wane, could be indicted tomorrow or the next day. Barry Bonds, a man at the center of baseball's steroid controversy, but also a man who has declined to answer even one question about his association with alleged questionable substances and the characters who distribute them. Barry Bonds is supposedly facing an indictment for tax evasion!

Tax Evasion! Let us all remember that Chicago organized crime boss Al Capone (a man who listed his occupation as "furniture salesman") was arrested and convicted, NOT for his crimes against the people of Chicago... but for tax evasion!

The news today was peppered with stories of American citizens being "rescued" from Lebanon. I do feel for the people who are caught in the cross-fire of this war, or flare-up, or whatever one is calling it... but I do NOT understand why anyone would travel to this region for vacation! Even Arkansas would be a better option.

President Bush vetoed a bill today. His first veto since taking office almost six years ago. That is a story unto itself.

Why he vetoed the stem cell bill is a very personal issue for him. I am happy to see a President who sticks to what he believes, but I wish he believed just a little more in science and pushed for advancing medicine over a partisan political agenda meant to stoke the fires of the upcoming mid-term elections.

I miss the musings of Hunter S. Thompson.


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