Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I'm not obsessed with this, I just don't understand why it's happening. The state of New Jersey needs money - so they close down two of the most profitable enterprises - the Lottery and the Casinos?

If I need more money, I don't stop working - I stop spending.

Last week, Gov Corzine closed the non-essential state offices... including the very profitable NJ State Lottery. No lottery sales has had a ripple effect on the private sector. The Gov's smooth move of closing the lottery has cost the states convenience store operators millions in lost sales!

What to do? Call the lawmakers back to work on a holiday and make a very public issue of this problem.

After working on the 4th of July with no tangible results - Gov Corzine came up with another brilliant decision - shut down the casinos in Atlantic City! Keep in mind that the casinos are private businesses that are licensed by the state and as a condition of that license, the state has monitors who work in each facility - no monitors means that the casinos must close. When the casinos close, the hotels which serve and support them are also in trouble.

The state needs to either stop spending so much money or collect more revenue. What I don't understand is the logic of closing businesses that are essentially cash machines. No matter, the Gov has his plan and he's sticking to it. In fact, both sides appear to be dug in for a very long battle.

What I want to know is... where are the NJ celebs in all of this? If California has a vote on providing day care for the children of blue-eyed, left-handed parents whose names end in a vowel and half of Hollywood shows up to "save the day." But the entire state of New Jersey closes down and I wonder where her favorite sons are??? Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, and Zach Braff - where are you?

Perhaps they are working a Native American casino in Connecticut, you know - the kind of operation that puts no money into the state coffers.


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