Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stupid Boys and the Polish Twins!

Don't get your brain all bunched-up when you read the title - just a couple of news items that tickled me this week.

#1 - Women are kicking men in the brain department. Current statistics say that for every 100 women graduating from college in America, there are only 73 men doing the same. That kind of gap will ultimately hurt men and hurt America. There are some of you screaming "It's about time!" or "Finally women are getting ahead!" But let's not lose sight of the entire equality issue. Neither sex is better than the other --- AND our young men are vital to our world. Keep them educated and all of our futures are brighter.

A sidebar to that stat also says that 1 out of 4 children of college educated parents cannot read a newspaper and understand it.

Let's push reading something besides the Playstation manual.

Identical Twins Running Poland???

The wires are burning with this story...
"The country on Saturday faces the prospect of having identical twin brothers simultaneously hold the posts of prime minister and president, in what would perhaps be the most striking feature of the country's ever-chaotic political scene.

President Lech Kaczynski, who took office in December after winning the October election, would swear in his twin Jaroslaw — chairman of the socially conservative governing Law and Justice party — as the head of a new Cabinet if he wins confirmation in parliament."

Other than the slew of Polish jokes about to bubble from every comedy club in the EU and here in America... Let's see what happens and then we start writing the screenplay.

Happy Saturday.


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