Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman has me Super-pissed.

That's Brandon Routh - the new Superman. Routh is the latest to don the cape and fire up the superpowers on the big screen portraying Clark Kent. And while you may be tempted to spend your hard earned cash on this movie, I ask you to save your money.

My request has nothing to do with this caped crusader's acting skills or even the plot. I'm steamed over the removal of a key word in the basic mantra of Superman. "Truth, Justice and the American Way" has been replaced by "truth, justice and all that stuff."


Stop right there. Just stop it. Superman was created by two Americans in 1932. Shuster and Siegel's Superman was not just a Superhero from Krypton... He was a metaphor for America and our basic beliefs. AND HE STILL IS! Superman was an alien, a refugee from a place that was imploding/exploding and he came to middle America to live the great American dream. AND HE DID! So why water it down? Let Frank Langella utter the phrase that we all know - Truth Justice and the AMERICAN WAY.

If the "haters" in other countries don't like it - edit in the new, watered down, wimpy version. Leave my Superman alone.

Tomorrow is the first day of July and the beginning of a very important month and the kick off of the 4th of July Weekend. A very important weekend for all Americans - even Superman.


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