Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"A Star Is Torn" or "There's Room On The View"

Star Jones - Lawyer. And now unemployed talk show co-host.

For years I have marveled at this woman.

She seemed to have been plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight of fame and fortune on ABC's "The View." Prior to 1997, how many of us knew there was a Star named Jones? I'm wagering that outside of immediate family and law school classmates, the name Star Jones was only used by the occasional drag performer.

But there was a pre-View life. In 1994 she burst on to the screen in "Jones & Jury", a one-season show featuring the courtroom wisdom of Star Jones.

But let's get back to what we all know about her.

She was the subject of ridicule on SNL and mentioned in almost every gossip column. Her marriage to Al Reynolds was compared to Liza Minelli and David Gest's sham of a romance. The wedding had everything except a pay per view option. And yet her climb appeared to continue unchecked.

Until last Fall when we all reached critical mass on Ms. Jones-Reynolds... After the wedding, there was the honeymoon and the dramatic weight loss and the book which was supposed to reveal all but refused to really outline how the dramatic weight loss happened... AND then there was the surgical emergency which almost took her from us... This Star almost flamed out. (allegedly)

Yesterday she stopped the show and told us that it was, in fact, over. This Fall, we would all have to continue without Star.

24 hours later we all got the real news from a real newsperson. Barbara Walters stopped the show AGAIN and told the people tuned in to "The View" her side of the Star Jones story. And I have a tendency to believe Barbara over Star.

Was I sick of Star Jones and her endless prattling on about herself? YES.

Was I amazed that NY State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer had not investigated her for payola during the run-up to her nuptials? YES YES YES.

And am I happy to see her go? Of course. But I would have preferred to have it all happen in true World Wrestling Federation style...

How cool would it have been to start the Fall season of the show with all the remaining women on the couch, introducing Rosie O'Donnell as the new ringleader... And Rosie to lay claim to her new title by grabbing Star by the hair weave and dragging her kicking and screaming from the studio onto the streets of the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Nice image huh?

Enjoy the silence - I have a feeling she'll be back before we even have a chance to miss her.


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