Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Jersey - Closed.

This story may not have much effect on your life - but it does. The state of New Jersey is shutting down. Newly Gov. John Corzine says the state is out of money and so he's decided to close it down.

I applaud the Gov's decision. For once a politician is doing what you and I have to do when we run out of money - PUT DOWN THE CREDIT CARDS AND STOP SPENDING!

Granted, he did try to raise taxes before shutting everything down - but that didn't work. (Enough with the taxes, please. Stop spending!) So the state of NJ is closed for the moment.

Of course the state will provide basic services and people should not worry about anarchy in the streets... but the place is closed.

Nobody will really feel the pain until Wednesday when the state has told the casinos that they will not be allowed to open. The DMV is closed, as are the state courts and the NJ Lottery... on Wednesday they will close state parks and monuments.

I do feel badly for the 45,000 state employees who will be sitting at home waiting on the green light to return, but really... what if we closed it permanently? NJ "the garden state" would be cut up and split off between it's neighbors. NY, CT, and PA could pick up a little extra real estate!

Gov Corzine would also be forced out of office, but I'm guessing he'd like to be Senator Corzine again... this whole Gov thing is a little more work than he expected. So Gov... how about a "NJ Going Out Of Business Sale?"


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